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Darla Klopfenstein

Darla has a deep love of the Lord that has been cultivated over many years.  As a young child she first learned to interact with her Father God through creation, giving her a clear sense of His nearness.  A dynamic of experiencing His nearness has carried over into her adult life where she has cultivated a deeper longing for intimacy with the Lord through worship and prayer.  Her love relationship with the Father has developed through times of worship and prayer in and corporate times and especially the personal “secret place.”  This value of “loving God” in relationship has carried over into her family and personal relationships, as she loves others deeply.  The importance and value of this dynamic increased in her life significantly while on staff at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City for several years.

Darla has a strong desire for the Body of Messiah to come into its fullest expression, and she is confident that the primary foundation stone for this fullness in Messiah develops, grows, and bears fruit through times of individual and corporate worship and prayer. 

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