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Leadership Bios

Leadership Bios

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Dr. Paul T. Blake

Founder and Director

Paul served on staff for two years at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, where he met his wife Lauren.  Under Tikkun, he presently serves as an elder at Elim Messianic Congregation, as well as being a Tikkun Emissary serving as a Global Ambassador.  He has a doctorate in Messianic Jewish studies from The King’s University.  For a full bio and description of ways to connect, see his personal website.

Deborah B. Smith

Deborah B. Smith

Music Director 

Deborah Smith serves as our Music Director, along with being a covenant member of Elim Messianic Congregation and the Tikkun Global family.  She also serves as the Israel Education Coordinator for Florida Aglow International.  She formerly sang with processional opera companies, symphony orchestras, and theater companies across the USA.  Deborah is part Cherokee Indian, and she is zealous to see Native Americans and every tribe worshipping the God of Israel.

Teresa Heath - headshot.jpg

Teresa Heath

Prayer Room Director 

Teresa Heath is a prophetic worshipper, intercessor, teacher, and speaker.  Over the past 25 years, she has been in leadership at congregations and para-ministries, including JaxHoP and other worship and intercession opportunities.  She is also featured on a full-length worship compilation album called “Arrows in the Quiver” recorded with the Jacksonville House of Prayer.

Teresa is passionate about the presence of the Lord and facilitates teachings on the Tabernacle of God.  Teresa has been a mother in the faith, mentoring and discipling children and adults, with a deep desire to see them grow into an intimate, presence-led relationship with the Lord.  She also has worked local Christian organizations ministering to those coming out of human trafficking and drug addiction.


Darla Klopfenstein

Spiritual Mom

Darla has a deep love of the Lord that has been cultivated over many years. As a young child she first learned to interact with her Father God through creation, giving her a clear sense of His nearness. This dynamic of experiencing His nearness has carried over into her adult life where she has cultivated a deeper longing for intimacy with the Lord through worship and prayer. This love relationship has developed through times of both personal “secret place” and corporate worship and prayer. And this value of her “loving God” relationship has carried over in her family and personal relationships as she “loves others” deeply. The importance and value of this dynamic increased in her life significantly while on staff at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City for several years.


Darla has a strong desire for the Body of Messiah to come into its fullest expression and she is confident that the primary foundation stone for this fullness in Messiah develops, grows, and bears fruit through times of individual and corporate worship and prayer. 

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Doug Clarke

National Ambassador

Doug and Daneille Clarke recently moved to St. Augustine from Maryland where they ministered for 35 years. The clear call on Doug’s life is prayer and men. Doug worked with pastors and churches to establish strong currents of prayer within the community and within churches. He founded PRAY FREDERICK – a monthly email letter calling churches and intercessors to focused and fervent prayer.  Doug also served with leaders and key men developing comprehensive “Rites of Passage” weekends for fathers/sons - resulting in transformed dads, sons, and families.  Doug also served with Pastor Rex Bowens, Sr. in Maryland at Jackson Chapel, as they broke down racial barriers and provided a model for unity.

As a Board Member and Treasurer for Serve International, Doug works with founder Scott Zior seeing more than 5,000 churches established as disciples are reproduced.  Prayer has been the KEY. In May of 1998, Doug was formally commissioned as a Minister to Men by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole, Founder of the Christian Men’s Network International.

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