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The First Coast House of Prayer is accountable to Elim Messianic Congregation, a local congregation in the First Coast region that is accountable to Tikkun America, a network of congregations in North America.  FC-HOP has adopted the statement of faith provided by Tikkun America.

Tikkun Global is a para-ministry affiliated with Tikkun America, promoting Tikkun values internationally.  They also gather international leaders who are seeking greater accountability in the apostolic and prophetic ministries, as there has been confusion surrounding the contemporary understanding and expression of the various five-fold ministries (Eph 4:11-16).  The result has been titled the Initiative for Fivefold Leadership Integrity (IFLI), and the IFLI hopes to gain signatures from ministries embracing a higher level of accountability.  The First Coast House of Prayer has joined the IFLI’s efforts and signed the pledge.  A similar statement that FC-HOP aligns with is the NAR-Christian Zionism statement.

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