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History of the First Coast

History of the First Coast

Not everyone has heard of the history of the "First Coast" of Florida and St. Augustine, but this area truly is the birthplace of the nation of America.  History books in American schools often emphasize the New England area due to English emphasis on history, such as the settlement of Jamestown (1607) or the voyage of the Mayflower (1620).  However, decades before Jamestown there was a settlement in “Spanish” Florida – the historic city of St. Augustine, Florida – established in 1545.


The First Coast of Florida was settled by the Spanish and French during the early 1500’s.  The Native Americans were friendly and received these Europeans.  Various outposts were established in the region now known as the First Coast of Florida, while the civilization-city was established in St. Augustine.


Many Europeans were seeking religious freedom from the Protestant-Catholic war that was raging after the Protestant Reformation gained steam in 1511.  Unfortunately, the Protestant-Catholic war was brought to the First Coast, as the Spanish and French battled each other. 


At the First Coast House of Prayer, we see the need for this original sin of division to be redeemed and healed.  Thankfully, many spiritual fathers and mothers have been present over the past 500 years to preserve a unique spiritual atmosphere that still exists today in St. Augustine.  We look to add to this history by working towards resolution of the original Protestant-Catholic conflict.  However, our plan toward bringing healing to this land is much larger than the Protestant-Catholic conflict.  A need exists for Israel to be included, specifically the Messianic Jewish people.  Israel has been commanded to be a light to the nations, and all nations will eventually honor and connect to Israel when the Messiah returns.  Therefore, in order for His plans to be established today, there is a need for the Messianic Jewish people to be involved in the reconciliation of the nations – whether the Native American, Spanish, French, African, etc.


Today, St. Augustine is a city that the peoples from many nations visit as tourists.  Our efforts are towards seeing this historic city return to its original purpose of being a birthplace of a nation of hope and redemption.

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