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History of FC-HOP

History of FC-HOP

During 2019, we envisioned a house of prayer that would look at houses of prayer located in Israel as a model for how the nations of the earth might establish their own houses of prayer.  There seemed to be an invitation to the global prayer movement to embrace Israel at the next level.  This will probably be expressed in a wide variety of ways by varying ministries.  Space could be provided at houses of prayer for Jewish styles of worship, study, prayer expressions, teachings, and outreach to the Jewish community … alongside the existing Christian styles at these houses of prayer.  When the Biblical expressions of each heritage are retained and honored, then a pattern for unity can be established.

During 2020, we sensed the need to begin a house of prayer in St. Augustine, FL … the oldest city in our nation.  We realized this should be a slow process, given the magnitude of the assignment.  We established accountability under Tikkun America, a Messianic Jewish network of congregations and affiliated ministries in North America.  They approved our plans to move forward, so leadership discussions and small worship and prayer meetings began.

During 2021, we felt it was time to raise up 500 intercessors from across America to support this local ministry, along with donors.  We will also begin interviewing local leaders to learn about the natural history and the spiritual history of the region.

During 2022, we began to sense the need to gather the "city fathers and mothers" of the region into deeper cooperation as leaders.  This effort continues as we meet regional leaders one at time, along with quarterly worship gatherings for these regional leaders to connect with each other and be refreshed in the presence of God as we worship together.

During 2023, we felt the region would benefit from basic teachings on prayer, unity, Biblical foundations from a Messianic Jewish perspective, etc.  Now on Monday evenings, we offer a teaching covering these topics.

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