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Monthly Calendar

At the Monday night public meetings, we pray using the Apostolic Prayers and other key verses relevant to our prayer themes.  Corey Russell captures the essence of why we focus on the Apostolic Prayers in a ninety second testimony here.  A more in depth explanation for emphasizing the Apostolic Prayers is given by Mike Bickle in a one hour teaching here.  We utilize other forms of prayer, but the public meetings are focused on the Apostolic Prayers.

Here is a brief snapshot of current events at FC-HOP!

Image by Esther Wechsler

Each Monday  7pm-8pm

We often have a speaker during this first hour, although some weeks a worship-prayer time is held.  See monthly email for current details.

Image by Pablo Heimplatz

Each Monday  8-9:30pm

We offer worship and prayer during this time using various worship styles along with apostolic prayers.  If you would like to engage with different styles of prayer, please contact us.



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