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Doug Clarke

Doug and Daneille Clarke recently moved to St. Augustine from Maryland where they ministered for 35 years.  The clear call on Doug’s life is prayer and men.  Doug worked with pastors and churches to establish strong currents of prayer within the community and within churches.  He founded PRAY FREDERICK – a monthly email letter calling churches and intercessors to focused and fervent prayer.  Doug also served with leaders and key men developing comprehensive “Rites of Passage” weekends for fathers/sons - resulting in transformed dads, sons, and families.  Doug also served with Pastor Rex Bowens, Sr. in Maryland at Jackson Chapel, as they broke down racial barriers and provided a model for unity.

As a Board Member and Treasurer for Serve International, Doug works with founder Scott Zior seeing more than 5,000 churches established as disciples are reproduced.  Prayer has been the KEY.  In May of 1998, Doug was formally commissioned as a Minister to Men by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole, Founder of the Christian Men’s Network International.

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